out of skew & undelightful!

masturbate me slove,
glitter glammer push and
tail me out your door,
you masturbating fluff
scrappling grippling plove
sinks me to your floop,
you masturbate me know
you masturbate me nlow
stammer rammer bomb und
shake me like i care
you escalating snove
scrooping floppy for your bread,
scoop up floppy,
how you bled.

spice undelighted
doused in dead things
and wriggling
consuming the flesh
that held so little
for anyone

fuck you on down
you are so
so id be delighted
but ill have to burn the planet

spoon me
for a while
its a delicate operation
involving the transfer
of tendrils
to the earth

so it goes
nothing grows back
covering holes
but you know
itll be okay
just erect this
"fuckwit" sign
on your 
way out

With permission - Cadmium Flute (1999)