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Usenet and newsgroups are the same thing. In a nutshell, the Usenet is a
collection of thousands of electronic bulletin boards, spread across the
world, accessable from "the Internet". The Usenet is the oldest and largest
part of the internet. It was there before email, and in general, web sites.
You can learn more about the Usenet and read my Usenet reviews here.

Who is Fookleyur? What does Fookleyur mean? Etc.?

Fookleyur (it rhymes with nuclear) is my pen name. In spite of the
overwhelming evidence to the contrary I am a writer. I was new to
Usenet when I chose the name. I used to work as a freelance writer
for Oddhobby. Some of us writers decided to start an Oddhobby
fan club called Friends of Oddhobby (The FOO). Well, at the time
it sounded like a good idea to choose a name that had
"FOO" as a root.

Have you posted under any other name? What is your real name?

No, Fookleyur is the only name I use in the newsgroups. I'm a firm believer
in using an alias. I don't see the point in using an alias and then reveling
one's true identity. What if the actors that do the Simpons voices decided
to use their normal everyday voices for each charactor? What would be
the point of that? If I ever get you pregnant I promise I'll tell you my real

How did you meet your Friends: Cadmium, Queenie etc.?

I met them in the newsgroups. Since I can't be as clever as they are
I decided to be their pimp.

Who do you like best?

I'm thinking about writting a review of Usenet authors and the groups
themselves. If I do, I'll tell you there.

Why does your site/work suck? How come this FAQ ain't funny?

I really have no excuse. I do this for fun, as do most of my usenet
friends. You'll see a great deal of spelling mistakes and other unprofessional
attibutes that will no doubt annoy you to no end. It may even lead to
your premature death. Who can say?

Can I link to your site?

Only if you promise to wear a condom.

How can I get on your link page?

I want to have 2 link pages, one for normal folks and one for Internet
gods who have spectacular sites. Just send me an email requesting a
link (include your URL, duh) and I'll do my best not to hurt your feelings.
I'm not quite sure I'd allow me to be a member of my own club.

Are you going to sell stuff on your site?

If you think this site could ever turn a profit, you're delusional, see a
doctor now! Actually, if John Slaughter or any of the other artists wanted
to sell T-Shirts or something I guess I'd have to let them-that is to say
I owe them that much. I really don't think I would become directly
involved-I think there are faster, easier, more sure-fire ways of
making money. if you have something you want to sell, ask the
folks at Oddhobby. Um, still, Fookleyur is my trademark and fully
copyrighted. So, if I see Fookleyur posters on the Disney site, I'm


What is Oddhobby?

Oddhobby is a web based magazine (e-zine) that deals with very strange
hobbies and people. When they first opened the site it was a great deal for us
free lance writers. We got to go to some very interesting conventions and we got to
interveiw some very interesting people. Unfortunately, they opened the site
right around the same time that EBay started to kick ass. My understanding
is they will reopen the site as soon as they can find a way to make enough
profit to keep the site going. I wish them luck. I saw the prizes and
give-a-way stuff they have, it's neat stuff, but it's just collecting dust now. The site
is supposed to open "soon" and from what I've heard they are going to take
contributions from amatuer writers... I lot of us (professional writers) have
mixed feelings about that, however, knowing what I know, I don't think it's a
bad thing (in this case). I think it'll give new writers a chance, and I've met
some really talented folks on the internet who's work should be published.

What is The FOO?

The FOO stands for Friends of Oddhobby. Intially the owners of Oddhobby didn't
want contributions from fans, so we asked them if we could start a fan
club. I was one of the founding members. Basically, we started the fan club because
we enjoyed working with and for all the weird people we met while doing assignments
for Oddhobby. We also collected some materal that we wanted to make public, but
wasn't necessarily suitable for Oddhobby. Ironically, most FOO members are not
active in the newsgroups. They attend real life events and a lot of them are very...
intense, and serious about their hobbies and lifestyles. That's why the smartest thing
we did was to create different FOO sects. The FOO web site is mostly lame, for a
couple of reasons: the Oddhobby site, went on hiatous and didn't follow through
with the Techie FOO members. If you want to help create The FOO site or join
The FOO, you know what to do.

Are you the "leader" of The FOO?

No, I really don't have the time to be a FOO officer. I am, however, one of the
few FOO monks.

I am a FOO member, do you know if The FOO is growing or dying?

From what I understand, it's staying about the same. I know we lost a ton of people
when they first shut down the web site, but most of those members were "e-members".
Whereas, in general, most FOO members are ecentric, off-line folks. Oddhobby was
partnered with a chain of stores that from what I was told, still sees the same FOO
customers. Oddhobby was funding the off-line (snail-mail) newsletter which is now
defunct. Let's face it, either we charge for membership, which makes no sense
what-so-ever, or we need to be sponsored, or we need about a half-a-million members
to place ads in the newsletter. Quite frankly, just the idea of that many weirdos is too
frightening to think about, allthough Scott, the Oddhobby webmaster seems to think
that it's "doable" So, I say keep it small and long live Oddhobby. The bigger it gets
the more watered down and commercial it'll be. If it ever goes below PG-13, I'm out!